Weather forecast for the first week of 2022 in Latvia

This week in Latvia will pass under influence from cyclone activity – in the first half of the week there will be plenty of rain and wet snow, whereas in the second half of the week it will become colder again and it will mostly snow, according to Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
On Monday, 3 January, weather will be mostly cloudy and most of Latvia will experience precipitation – rain. Easter territories will experience wet snow and freezing rain. Wind speed will be low and fog will form in many areas and remain up for up until Tuesday.
Daytime air temperature in Latvia’s western areas will reach 0° C… +5° C, whereas in eastern territories it will stay within +2° C… -5° C.
On Tuesday, 4 January, most of Latvia will experience rainfall. On the night to Wednesday, 5 January, a new precipitation zone will reach Latvia from the south, bringing rain and wet snow to most of the country and snow to its eastern territories.
In eastern parts of Latvia precipitation will be intense and will only calm down around Wednesday afternoon. Around the evening a new precipitation zone will pass through the country’s territory. The wind will blow from the south and east.
Air temperature on Tuesday and Wednesday will be between 0° C… +5° C. Negative air temperatures are expected only at night.
Meteorologists predict on Thursday, 6 January, colder masses of air will gradually flow into Latvia. At night air temperature in Latvia will be negative. Less precipitation is expected and the precipitation that will occur will be mostly in the form of snow.