Cash fraud: VID commences criminal procedure over movement of EUR 402 475

The State Revenue Service (VID) Tax and Customs Police have commenced a criminal procedure for moving potentially illegally acquired money (EUR 402 472) over Latvia’s border.
According to VID, in February, during an inspection of some vehicle with a German registration plate on Latvian-Lithuanian border crossing checkpoint “Grenctāle”, officials found a stash of undeclared money – EUR 402 475.
A German and Moldovan citizen were in the car. They could not explain or present any documents proving the origin of the money. The two were asked if the cash is to be declared, to which both men said no.
Because it was not possible to perform a full inspection at the site, it was decided to do it at Riga Freeport customs control point in Riga. A K-9 unit with a special dog trained to sniff out cash was called in. After hearing about this, the German citizen announced there was cash worth approximately EUR 400 000 in the car, and that he wants to declare the money.
VID reports the cash was confiscated and the two men were detained. The entire confiscated amount of money was transferred to the account of the State Treasury. The two men were later released and placed under security measures not involving deprivation of freedom.
Criminal proceedings have been initiated in accordance with Section 195, Paragraph three of the Criminal Law regarding possible money laundering committed on a large scale.
Searches were also performed as part of criminal proceedings: a total of five – four in Riga, one in Mārupe. During those searches, law enforcers found additional stashes of cash – EUR 102 240, USD 45 466, as well as notes of other currencies.
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