Residents in Riga warned about slippery pedestrian walkways

Freezing rain was observed in Riga in the morning on Monday, 3 January. This caused roads and walkways to ice over. Municipal services warn that such conditions may remain until the end of the day or as long as Tuesday included.
Maintenance companies Daugavas labā krasta uzturētājs and Daugavas kreisā krasta uzturētājs have performed 1st and 2nd category street-coating with anti-slip substances. Driving conditions are reportedly stable. The ice level observed on small streets of Riga’s surrounding areas is acceptable and streets are coated with anti-slip substances based on the situation. As a result of freezing rain and air temperature fluctuations, potholes may form on roads. Drivers are urged to be careful.
Two mobile units were deployed in the morning on Monday to coat walkways with anti-slip substances. A total of 106.3 km of roads and walkways were coated on 3 January.
Municipal services mainly focus on walkways that see a lot of foot traffic. Prior to the deployment of mobile brigades, routes are surveyed by municipal police patrols, who write down sections that are not properly maintained by their owners. After sections of roads have been coated with anti-slip substances, owners will be sent a bill for services.
Municipal administration in Riga urges residents to be especially careful when walking on walkways and pay attention to whether or not they are properly coated with anti-slip substances. House owners and managing companies are also asked to pay more attention to the state of walkways and roads situated close to their property an ensure they are clear of snow and coated with anti-slip substances.
The municipal administration supports companies managing territories near Riga by providing them with anti-slip substances (sand) to maintain solid surface walkways.