PHOTO: students protest outside Saeima to let non-vaccinated students study alongside vaccinated students

On 30 September a little more than 20 people gathered outside the Saeima building for «silent protest», urging the parliament to let non-vaccinated student continue their studies normally instead of remotely.
Some of the protesters had taped their mouths shut. Protesters gathered with respect of the 2 m distancing requirement. One participant came to the protest carrying Latvia’s flag.

Multiple protesters dressed in light blue clothes with prints #Ļaujiet studēt bez diskriminācijas [let us study without discrimination] and held posters with different slogans – Covid tēma universitātē ir tabu! [Covid topic is taboo at uni!], Brīvība studēt = Brīvība domāt [freedom to study = freedom to think], Levit, ļauj mums studēt un citiem [(Latvian President Egils) Levits, let us and other study], etc.
Several opposition deputies came out to speak with protesters.
The «silent protest was organized by the movement Ļaujiet studēt bez diskriminācijas [let us study without discrimination].
Representatives of the movement say that all youngsters who feel healthy and show no symptoms should be returned to higher education institutions immediately to continue studies. Representatives of the movement suggest letting students use handwritten affirmations of their health state instead of Covid-19 tests. It is also suggested to lift the requirement for Covid-19 vaccination certificates.