Opinion | Harmony leader can help improve vaccination rates; instead he wastes time criticizing the government

There is a problem. There is an overwhelming majority of Russian-speaking pensioners undergoing Covid-19 treatment in hospitals in Latvia. Journalists of Latvian information space are trying to reach out to Russian-speaking residents, but this is not enough. Latvia needs someone would can reach these people and tell them to vaccinate.
Although Nils Ušakovs has a comfortable seat in the European Parliament and is not responsible for the mess created in Riga City Council (even though there is a court ruling), he can still do some good for Riga and Latvia.
Now is not the time to argue how inclusive or non-inclusive Latvia’s policy has been towards Russian-speaking residents so far. They are still residents and it is important to speak with them as well!
This task is best entrusted to politicians Russian-speaking residents listen to prior to election and at celebrations.
It is clear this is about Harmony with Ušakovs in front.
Instead of pointing fingers at the government, the prime minister and their mistakes, this politician has an opportunity to assist with resolving this crisis. His Facebook page, for example, has more than 200 000 followers. Now more than ever his page contains many jabs at the government and the mistakes it has made in battling the Covid-19 crisis. If his page (and Harmony’s rhetoric) were to invite residents to vaccinate for Covid-19, trust science and actively assist with efforts to overcome the crisis (Latvian-speakers, Russian-speakers, pensioners, etc.), it is likely the number of Covid-19 infections and deaths would decline sharply.
Ušakovs has the ability to reach out and potentially save lives.
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