Latvijas Gāze’s tariffs for households to increase between 54.2% to 93% next January

From 1 January 2022 Tariffs of AS Latvijas Gāze for households will increase from 54.2% to 93% depending on consumption volumes, according to the official entry in the Latvian Herald.
For households that consume up to 250 m3 of gas, the differentiated end tariff with VAT and excise tax for the first half-year of 2022 will increase 54.2% – from 0.71472 EUR/1 m3 to 1.10290 EUR/1 m3. For households that consume between 250 m3 to 500 m3, the end tariff will increase 66.9% – from 0.71472 EUR/1 m3 to 0.96649 EUR/1 m3.
At the same time, for households that consume 500 to 25 000 m3 of gas the end tariff will increase 93% – from 0.41668 EUR/1 m3 to 0.80405 EUR/1 m3.
The fixed part of the gas tariff for the first half-year will remain unchanged: the transmission service’s fixed fee with VAT with output of up to 6 m3 an hour will remain EUR 3.27 a month, for 6.1 m3 to 10 m3 per hour the fee will be EUR 8.99, for 10.1 m3 to 16 m3 it will be EUR 14.36 a month, for 16.1 m3 to 25 m3 it will be EUR 21.91 a month, and for 25.1 m3 to 40 m3 it will be EUR 32.55 a month.
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Natural gas fees for households consist of five components – gas price, which is affected by resource price fluctuations on the world market and which is calculated based on the approach provided by the Public Utilities Commission; the fee for transmission services, which is calculated by AS Conexus Baltic Grid and coordinated with SPRK; transmission operator’s services, where tariffs are calculated by Gaso and coordinated with SPRK, as well as excise and VAT, which are governed by the state.
Tariffs change twice a year for gas consumers whose annual consumption is under 25 000 m3 – 1 January and 1 July.