Latvian State Agency of Medicines warns against using antibiotics against viruses

In a public statement Latvian State Agency of Medicines (ZVA) reports that the country receives regular supplies of antibiotics. This is planned to continue. It is expected that pharmaceutical companies are to increase supplies of antibiotics in the coming weeks and months, as well as ensure additional supplies and increased production output.
The institution reminds antibiotics are only useful for treating bacterial infections. They are not intended to treat viral infections. This means antibiotics won’t help, and

they should not be used to treat diseases such as flu, as it is caused by a virus.

ZVA explains that currently the accessibility of antibiotics is an issue on the table of all EU member states. The institution’s specialists cooperate with European Medicines Agency (EMA). The group composed to resolve this issue «have discussed accomplishments achieved so far and future united measures to ensure availability of antibiotics».
ZVA also reports that multiple EU member states, Latvia included, «show positive availability of antibiotics».
EU institutions have used the opportunity to increase supplies of medicines to cover member states’ immediate needs. ZVA has issued permits for distribution of unregistered medicines. The institution has also issued parallel import permits. Medicines are also permitted to be supplied in containers intended for sale in other countries. Cooperation across the EU will continue this whole year to avoid such a situation in the next winter season, promised ZVA.
The institution predicts soon EU member states see the peak of «the number of various infections» pass, which means demand for antibiotics will go down and the situation with medicines in the EU will likely stabilise. This is why it is important for doctors to carefully consider in which cases to prescribe antibiotics, notes ZVA.
The institution points out it is important to use antibiotics responsibly and in accordance with directions provided by doctors.
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