Latvian government to consider new restrictions once daily Covid-19 infections reach 3 000

The government in Latvia should consider new Covid-19 restrictions if the daily number of new infections exceeds 3 000 and the number of hospitalised patients exceeds 800, said Minister of Health Daniels Pavļuts after a meeting of the ruling coalition on Tuesday, 4 January.
According to the minister, tighter restrictions would be warranted if three parameters are met. The first signal would be a surge of Covid-19 infections – if the daily number exceeds 3 000.
The second signal would be hospital overload – if the number of hospitalised patients reaches 800 and threatens nearing 1 000.
The third major factor is if different industries suffer a major shortage of workers due to mass infection.
The coalition did not discuss this during the Tuesday, 4 January, meeting of the government. This is the position of the Ministry of Health, added the minister.
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As previously reported, although the current order on the declaration of the state of emergency provides for it remaining until 11 January, Latvian government has decided to extend it until 28 February.