Italy introduces restrictions to unvaccinated population

In Italy, from Monday, December 6, new restrictions have been imposed on people without Covid-19 immunity, with authorities pushing the undecided to vaccination in the Southern European nation, where the disease has taken over 134 000 lives, American news agency AP reports.
Unvaccinated Italians will not be allowed into indoor restaurants, theatres and museums. Italian police can require people in restaurants or bars have a ‘super’ green health pass certifying that they are either vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19 in the past months.
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Mobile device applications that confirm people’s health pass status will be updated and those who have merely tested negative in recent days for Covid-19 will no longer be allowed into concerts, movies or performances. The measures will stay in effect until January 15.
Italy also introduced a requirement for a ‘basic’ health pass. People can receive it with a negative test, on local transport and book hotels, AP reports.