ZZS Saeima faction leader says his party would make ministers work more actively

If a new government in Latvia is composed and the Union of Greens and Farmers (ZZS) is included, all ministers would be forced to work more actively, ZZS Saeima faction leader Viktors Valainis told the media.
When asked if he expects the new government to be composed of only the parties that visited previous negotiations – New Unity (JV), ZZS and Progressive party (PRO) – or if the Combined List (AS) and National Alliance (NA) could remain, Valainis said the negotiations have brought positive results – political competitors represented in the government have become agitated, they have “started doing things and working”.

This is why it would be odd if they refused to continue what has been successfully initiated, said the leader of ZZS faction, pointing towards AS and NA in the process.

The existing government’s work of the past seven to nine months can be described by putting the word “work” in quotation marks. One or two ministers remained unseen. This is why it would be good if ZZS entered the government, because this would force all ministers to work more actively, said Valainis. The politician said it is difficult to call the work done by the current Latvian government as productive or successful.

One of the leaders in ZZS mentioned that the priority is making sure the new possible government has more than 50 votes.

Valainis mentioned the ongoing discussions about topics important to the country to make sure the new possible Cabinet of Ministers is provided with a new development-focused vector as one of the main priorities for political parties.
Instead of putting off resolving existing problems, the new possible Latvian government should tackle them head on in order to make it possible to consider reaching Estonia’s and Lithuania’s level, said the head of ZZS Saeima faction.
Previously Valainis said ZZS would be prepared to participate in a coalition that would put an end to the stagnation in education, healthcare, interior affairs, traffic, real estate cadastral value and other sectors.
As previously reported,

following Latvian PM Krišjānis Kariņš’s initiative, negotiations concerning many important political topics commenced with various political parties. The prime minister said his goal was creating a more expansive coalition.

Negotiations were attended by JV, ZZS and PRO, whereas AS and NA boycotted them because they do not support the possible expansion of the current ruling coalition, which consists of JV, AS and NA.
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