ZVA: fully vaccinated people don’t need additional Covid-19 vaccine jabs

Looking at currently available evidence, it is clear people fully vaccinated for Covid-19 do not require additional vaccine jabs, as reported by Latvian State Agency of Medicines (ZVA) with reference to European Disease Control and Monitoring Centre’s report.
The report from ZVA mentions that there are discussions about possible plans to provide additional Covid-19 vaccine injections to residents with weakened immune system.
In Latvia the Immunization State Council recommends providing an additional jab of Covid-19 vaccine to persons suffering from weakened immune system symptoms. The government, on the other hand, considers making additional jabs open to all residents who wish to strengthen their immune system against Covid-19.
As noted in ZVA’s statement, vaccination with additional doses is recommended after 28 days of receiving the second injection (28 days after received the sole injection of Janssen Covid-19 vaccine). If need be, recommended should consult with their general practitioner about the degree of immune suppression.
AVA stresses that evidence of vaccine efficacy show that all vaccines currently registered in the EU/EEZ show high protection levels against hospitalization caused by Covid-19, severe infection progression and death.
ZVA also notes that about one-third of adults older than 18 years in the EU/EEZ member states are still not vaccinated for Covid-19.
Considering this, it is highly important to focus vaccination efforts on the people who have not yet completed their vaccination course. In addition to efforts to provide residents with vaccination it is also important for residents to continue complying with safety measures (social distancing, face and hand hygiene, wearing protective masks, etc.), experts concluded.
«It is also important to understand the difference between two Covid-19 vaccine doses for persons with a normal immune system and additional doses for persons with weakened immune system. Some research suggest additional vaccine injections may improve the immune system’s response for persons with compromised immune system. Administration of additional vaccine doses would be recommended in such cases. For precaution, it is also recommended to provide additional vaccine dose injections for elderly people and tenants of closed type elderly care homes,» ZVA statement mentions.
European Medicines Agency is working on analysis of data related to administration of additional Covid-19 vaccine doses. Soon the agency should make its decision in regards to any changes to product information. EMA will also evaluate data on additional vaccine doses. While the agency is working on analysis, EU member states are free to prepare legislative framework for administration of additional Covid-19 vaccine doses.
Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers will discuss the idea of providing residents with a third injection of Covid-19 vaccine or re-vaccination option for all residents who want it, as confirmed by Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš during a meeting of the government’s Covid-19 prevention council on Thursday, 2 September.
The PM said Latvia has enough vaccine doses. Already decisions are in the works to donate or sell vaccine doses to other countries.