Zelenskyy: Russians have mined Kakhovka HPP, have terror act planned

Russian occupying forces have mined Kakhovka HPP equipment, preparing a new act of terror, said Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his statement to the Council of Europe.
He said that all world leaders must make it clear to Russia that an act of terror at Kakhovka HPP would be equal to using weapons of mass destruction.
«Russia is trying to destroy Ukraine’s energy system, force our people to suffer even more, but by doing so they only mobilise international community to help us even more and put even more pressure on the terrorist state. All of our costs protecting our energy object and restoration of our infrastructure after Russian terrorist attacks will be compensated at the expense of Russia’s assets,» Zelenskyy said.
The Ukrainian president added that every terrorist will personally answer for everything they have done before a court of law.

«The terrorist state will pay for its terror. With isolation, degradation and assets – both state assets and assets of quasi private persons related to the Russian regime.»

He said that during the Thursday’s meeting of the Council of Europe he informed European leaders about yet another act of terror planned by Russia at Kakhovka HPP, rigging important equipment to blow.
«Now all people in the world must respond quick and act in order to prevent this Russian act of terror,» said Zelenskyy. He stressed that destruction of Kakhovka HPP’s barrier would mean a large scale catastrophe.
«Of course, we understand the occupying forces don’t care what happens with Ukraine’s territories. With this act of terror they can destroy, among other thing, the ability to supply water from Dnipro River to Crimea,» Zelenskyy said.
«If Kakhovka HPP barrier is destroyed, the Norther Crimean channel would simply dry out.»

According to him, if Russia is preparing such an act of terror, they are serious about it. He says «the terrorists understand they cannot hold not only Kherson but the entire south of our country, including Crimea».

«Now all of us – all European, all world leaders, all international organisations – have to make it clear to the terrorist state that this act of terror at Kakhovka HPP would mean the same as using weapons of mass destruction. The consequences for Russia must be appropriate,» said Zelenskyy.
He invited the world to respond in a preventive manner.
‘This is what’s most important now. Preventive responses to security threats must become one of the founding principles for international policy,’ said the Ukrainian president.
He also suggested sending an international monitoring mission to Kakhovka HPP and have the mines disarmed immediately.
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