Zelenskyy: frozen Russian assets should be used to defend against its aggression

The frozen Russian assets should be used to defend against its aggression, as journalists were told by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, during his meeting with Latvian President Edgars Rinkēvičs in the Castle of Riga on Thursday, the 11th of January.
He said that Latvia and other countries supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression should continue working with Ukraine to the maximum extent to ensure Ukraine’s victory over Russia. Zelenskyy said that during his meeting with his Latvian colleague, the two discussed Ukraine’s future tasks. He also reported on the situation on the front, Ukraine’s defence needs, as well as future plans.
“We have to work more productively in terms of defence of European countries. Europe needs to be self-sufficient in its defence no matter how Russia threatened Ukraine and no matter what Russia makes its goal. Europe needs to be able to respond. This is the right for defence. Ukraine and its partners are working on creating a new arsenal in Europe and developing military industry to prevent Russia’s aggression against Europe,” said the Ukrainian president.

He stressed that countries should cooperate in their sanction policy against Russia and countries that support it.

Schemes used to attempt to circumvent sanctions should be blocked as well. Europe needs a unified position, and should refuse Russian energy resources.
Zelenskyy thanked Latvia for its support in Ukraine’s integration in the European Union. He stressed that Ukraine highly values the decision to commence Ukraine’s admission talks. Zelenskyy said its was a historically important decision for all countries located on the east of Europe.
“Ukraine is counting on Latvia’s support in NATO, Latvia’s principled position, establishing a dialogue with all partners on Ukraine’s future in NATO,” said the Ukrainian president.
LETA previously reported that the Ukrainian president arrived in Latvia on an official visit on the 11th of January.
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