Youngster wakes up to a EUR 3 000 fine and prohibition to take a driver’s exam for five years

On 2 November State Police received information of a ruined yard and broken laundry drier support pole in Priekule. State Police Kurzeme Region Police Department’s officers arrived at the scene, determined what happened and who is responsible.
The car and the 20-year-old driver were quickly tracked down.
Police found that the young man in question was driving an Audi in Priekule at 19:00 on 1 November. There he failed to maintain a safe driving speed, which caused a road traffic accident: the car veered off-road and into a fence of a nearby house, damaging a laundry trier’s support pole. No one was injured in this accident.
After the accident the young man left the scene and did not report it to the police.
Police found the young man bought the car a mere two days earlier. On top of that, the young man does not have a driver’s license and his vehicle did not undergo compulsory civil liability insurance. A technical examination of the vehicle also revealed damage to the rear axle right-hand wheel’s protector, which puts at risk traffic safety.
According to the Road Traffic Law, after a road traffic accident drivers are not allowed to drink alcohol until they undergo an alcohol test. Police performed a test on the young man – 1.07 per mil.
The young man said he drank alcohol after the accident to calm down. However, eye witnesses told the police that the vehicle in question was seen the last couple of days drifting and the driver may have been drunk while doing it.
State Police Kurzeme Region Department’s Road Police officers have commenced six administrative processes over violation of road traffic rules that resulted in damages.
Now the young man can look forward to a five of EUR 3 000 and a five-year ban on taking a driving exam.