World’s coronavirus infections surpass 250 million, half of new infections – in Europe

The number of globally registered new infection cases have on Monday, November 8, exceeded 250 million and more than a half of new infection cases are currently registered in Europe, where Eastern Europe stands out with a low vaccination coverage, British-Canadian news agency Reuters reports.
New cases of Covid-19 infections are still rising in 55 out of 240 countries, with Russia, Ukraine and Greece at or near record levels of reported cases since the pandemic started two years ago, Reuters found in an analysis.
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In Eastern Europe, there is a comparatively low vaccination rates in the region. Over a half of all new infections recently reported worldwide were from countries in Europe, with a million new infections about every four days, the analysis showed.
A number of region in Russia are considering additional restrictions or extending a workplace shutdown as the country witnesses record deaths due to the disease. Meanwhile the World Health Organisation says that the downturn of the pandemic is within reach. «We think between now and the end of 2022, this is the point where we get control over this virus … where we can significantly reduce severe disease and death,» Maria Van Kerkhove, a leading epidemiologist of the World Health Organisation has noted, as quoted by Reuters.