Winter in Latvia shows off its «muscles» – air temperature may drop to -25° C this week

This week there will be less snow than last week. The sky will become clear more often. However, it will become considerably colder, especially at the start of the week.
At times air temperature may drop as far as -20° C at night. Daytime air temperature will stay mostly at -5° C, according to Latvian State, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
Last week it snowed in Latvia, at times intensely, covering the land in a generous layer of white snow. The thickest layer of snow is still observed in Latvia’s eastern parts: in Sigulda it is 37 cm, in Skulte it is 30 cm, in Rezekne it is 29 cm and in Sīļi it is 24-27 cm. At the same time, the layer of snow may vary between meteorological stations.
On Monday, 6 December, the amount of clouds will increase in eastern and central areas. The layer of snow will not increase considerably. The day will not be completely grey, however. The sky will clear up and the sun will shine from time to time.
Air temperature will range between -5° C… -10° C (-11° C… -14° C in the north-east), meteorologists note.
Because air temperature will be low and the wind will blow from the north, it will feel colder. Meteorologists recommend dressing appropriately when going outside.
On Tuesday the sky will clear and the sun will shine. However, eastern territories will still experience some snowfall. The night to Tuesday will be even colder, as air temperature at night will be -10° C… -15° C (-23° C… -24° C in the east). Air temperature will not drop below -10° C in Kurzeme.
Daytime air temperature will be between -4° C… -14° C. On Wednesday the sky will clear every now and then. Wind speed will be slow and both day and night will pass without major precipitation.
Night-time air temperature will once again drop to -20° C. Days will be cold as well.
Weather will remain cold at the end of the week. It will become cloudy and days will become snowy again.