Weather forecast for the weekend in Latvia

This week’s weather is dictated by wide cyclone activity – on Friday, 22 October, strong wind and a wealth of precipitation is expected. Colder masses of air will flow to the country on the weekend and wet snow is expected at nigh, according to Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
On Friday a wide cyclone will bring strong wind to most of Latvia. The wind will blow from the west and south-west, reaching a speed of 20 m/sec in most of the country and 25-28 m/sec along the coast.
The wind will gradually calm down around the Friday evening. Local rain showers and even thunder storms are expected in some areas. Air temperature is not expected to exceed +5° C… +10° C.
It is expected to rain in many parts of Latvia on Saturday. There is also a possibility of wet snow.
Sunday is expected to be mostly dry. Wind speed will reach 15-16 m/sec for the weekend. Daytime air temperature will be +4° C… +8° C. At night air temperature will drop to 0° C… -3° C in eastern territories. In western territories air temperature will stay above 0° C.
From Monday onward warmer masses of air will start flowing to Latvia. This also means the first half of the week will be mostly dry. In the second half of the week, however, new precipitation zones will reach Latvia. Wind speed will increase and air temperature will reach +10° C… +13° C.