Weather forecast for the week in Latvia looks rather grey

In the coming days Latvia will be under cyclone activity, which will make the weekend rainy. With colder masses of air flowing in, weather in Latvia will become colder. There is also the possibility of wet snow, according to Latvia’s Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
On Friday and Saturday air temperature will be +4° C… +9° C. The wind will blow from the west and will reach a speed of 15-18 m/sec at times.
Saturday will have a possibility of wet snow.
On Sunday weather will be dictated by a cyclone active in the northern parts of the Baltic Sea. Rainy weather is expected in all of Latvia, especially Kurzeme. The wind will blow from the south, reaching a speed of up to 18 m/sec along the coast. Air temperature will be similar to the previous days.
At the start of the work week the cyclone will move further to the east. Weather will gradually improve – the volume of precipitation will reduce and the wind will calm down.
Meteorologists predict increased atmospheric pressure and clear sky. This also means colder weather – air temperature will drop below 0° C on the night to Tuesday and Wednesday. Additionally on the night to Tuesday there is a possibility of multiple regions, especially eastern regions, experiencing wet snow and snow.