Voluntary, state-funded Covid-19 tests to become available at Riga International Airport

Considering the news of a new Covid-19 variant – Omicron – appearing in Africa, in an effort to reduce the risk of it entering Latvia, Riga International Airport will offer arrivals the option to undergo a voluntary, state-funded Covid-19 test, as reported by the Ministry of Health.
The airport confirms cooperation with E.Gulbis laboratory, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Health. From 2 December the airport offers all arrivals to undergo a voluntary, state-funded Covid-19 RNA test.
Testing will be provided by E.Gulbis laboratory. The service will be offered to all arriving passengers. In accordance with regulations issued by the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers, the voluntary free Covid-19 test is available to all arrivals, including people with a valid Covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificate.
Testing points for arrivals are located at the following locations at the airport:
-for arrivals from the Schengen Area – Arrival Terminal E, at the exit;
-for arrivals outside the Schengen Area – Departure Zone C before the border control.
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These vaccination points will be open for most of the day. During the periods of time when testing points are closed, arrivals will be able to hand in their tests to E.Gulbis laboratory branch in the Registration Hall on the 2nd floor of the airport.
In accordance with Cab. Min. req. Nr. 720 passengers who hand in their samples are to immediately undergo self-isolation at their home or tourist accommodation to wait for test results.