Volcano eruption on Canary Islands results in evacuation of 5 000 people

In the Canary Islands, in Spain, around 5 000 people have been evacuated due to the eruption of a volcano, British public broadcaster BBC reports.
On the La Palma island, home to about 80 000 people, the Cumbre Vieja volcano had been dormant for 50 years. On Sunday, September 19, it began sending lava downhill devastating everything in its path.
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Canary Islands’ officials stated that about 100 houses have been destroyed so far. No casualties have so far been reported, but there were mandatory evacuation orders for four villages and temporary shelters were erected.
Interestingly, Spain’s Tourism Minister called on tourists and the local tourism industry to use the situation as a way to attract visitors. «The island is open. If your hotel is affected, we will find you another one,» Spain’s Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto noted in an interview with Canal Sur radio. «We can make the most of this opportunity. For the many tourists who want to enjoy what nature has brought to La Palma, they can do so in the coming weeks and months.»