VIDEO | German farmers block roads in protest against subsidy cuts

German farmers launched nationwide protests in the early hours of Monday, the 8th of January, against the planned phasing out of farm subsidies, disrupting traffic with convoys of tractors and trucks, some of which were decorated with protest banners, reports Reuters.
Police reports said roads were blocked in several places, causing traffic jams during the morning rush hour.

Seit 20 min stehen unsere Landwirte auf der Reeperbahn um auf die Missstände in DEU aufmerksam zu machen #Bauernproteste #B0801 #HH0801
— Krischan Schwan-Zweck (@cookie_HH) January 8, 2024

Farmers have vowed to block main roads until Monday next week,

warning that the abolition of tax relief will lead to the farm bankruptcy.
In an interview with the Stern newspaper published on Monday, the head of the German farmers’ association (DBV) asked for public sympathy, saying he opposes the proposed tax hikes in the agricultural sector.
The farmers’ reaction last week led Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s coalition to make unexpected changes in the rush to finalise the 2024 budget, delayed by the court ruling, including to modify plans to cut farm subsidies.
Instead of abruptly ending the tax breaks farmers receive on agricultural diesel,

subsidies will be cut gradually – by 40% this year, 30% in 2025 and then completely from 2026.

Despite the German government’s changes, including abandoning plans to abolish vehicle tax relief for forestry and agriculture, the DBV says these changes are not enough and maintains its plans to organise nationwide protests.
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