VIDEO | Defendant violently attacks judge in US courtroom

A Nevada judge was assaulted by a defendant in a Las Vegas court on Wednesday, 3 December, immediately after she denied defendant’s request for probation. The defendant, Deobra Redden, was in the courtroom to receive a verdict on a charge of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm, according to a Clark County Court statement to CNN.
During the hearing, Redden and his lawyer asked Judge Mary Kay Holthus to give him a probation instead of imprisonment, saying the 30-year-old wants to get back on track, has found a new job and plans to resume his studies.
In sentencing the defendant, the judge read out his criminal record, which included

three felonies, misdemeanours, several incidents of domestic violence, robbery and attempted breaking into a house.

Redden’s lawyer told the judge that he believed his client could successfully serve probation.
“I appreciate that,” the judge replied, pointing out that it was time for him to “try something else” and noting that she could not offer probation in view of his rich past, according to CNN.
After the request was rejected, the accused attacked the judge in an acrobatic leap, shouted obscenities and hit her with his fists.

In Las Vegas, a defendant charged with felony battery attacked a judge because she refused to place him on probation
Delon Redden, charged with aggravated battery, pleaded guilty and requested probation. When the judge refused, he attacked her.
In a video of the hearing, which…
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Judge Holthus sustained injuries, a few bruises, pain and stiffness to her body, but she quickly returned to work, Chief Judge Jerry Wiese told reporters, adding that she expressed her gratitude to those who intervened and helped during the attack, and thanked well-wishers.
The Judge Marshal and Legal Counsel were also injured during the attack. The Marshal suffered a head injury and the Legal Adviser an abrasion to his hand. Both have already been discharged from hospital.
The court is reviewing protocols and planning to take measures to improve security, including more security guards in the courtroom. The incident is considered unique, with the Chief Justice adding that he had never seen anything like this before.
The defendant Redden, who assaulted the judge, now faces seven charges of assaulting a protected person and causing bodily harm, reports CNN.
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