VIDEO | Completed largest snowman in Estonian history

Residents of Nõo, a small town in Tartu County, Estonia, worked together to complete the country’s largest snowman, reaching an impressive height of 11 metres, reports Estonian media ERR.
The massive snowman, which resembles structures found in the game Minecraft, have been made of three solid blocks of snow.
As the project neared completion, the finishing touches were needed to smooth the surface, but the temperature made the structure rock-hard, so a chainsaw operator had to be called in to help.

Janar Saviir, project supervisor, said that the weather, in particular the rain followed by a drop in temperature, had caused a challenge, but he pointed out that the structure now is frozen, ensuring that it will remain stable.

Despite the weather adversities, the team is confident that the snowman will stand for a long time to come.

Local people had been actively involved in the process of building the snowman by Lake Veskyjärve. Citizen involvement was not limited to watching, with residents actively participating in the building process.
Piaa, one of the oldest residents in the town, expressed her joy and sense of participation despite her modest physical contribution simply putting a finger on the snowman on the first day.

Chainsaw operator Rein willingly and free of charge levelled the snowman

in support of the noble cause. This was the first time he had taken on such a task, as he has always been interested in tackling new challenges.
The snowman project, which started about a month ago, took much longer than the originally planned weekend due to various obstacles, such as the procurement of heavy snow-block lifting equipment.
Janar emphasised that everyone helped somehow and that is how the main tasks were accomplished, noting that the people donated such items as small as nuts and bolts, reports ERR.
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