US Department of State honours Latvian head prosecutor as Anticorruption Champion

Juris Juriss, head prosecutor and chief of the Anti-Money Laundering Division for the Latvian Prosecutor General’s Office has been recognized as of twelve so-called Anti-corruption Champions who make the world better with their efforts battling and exposing corruption, according to the announcement from the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.
«The Anticorruption Champions award is an opportunity to recognize success stories in connection with International Anticorruption Day and the Summit for Democracy on December 9,» said US ambassador to Latvia John Carwile.
«The United States commends Mr. Juriss for his courage and persistence in combating corruption, which threatens the collective security and economic prosperity of Latvia, the United States, and countries around the world. Thanks to dedicated individuals like Mr. Juriss, the United States and Latvia have strengthened our cooperative efforts to fight corruption,» the ambassador added.
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The US Department of State notes that Juris has successfully managed to prosecute the infamous ex-mayor of Ventspils Aivars Lembergs for money laundering and other related crimes. The prosecutor’s contribution towards training of Latvian prosecutors and police officers.