US attempts to stem migrant influx with border agents on horseback

The US faces an influx of several thousand migrants on country’s border with Mexico. Seeking to push back the flow people border agents on horseback have not shied away from being quite violent, while Washington has condemned such treatment and organises deportation flights, Reuters news agency reports.
The US Customs and Border Protection service has been trying to clear an encampment under the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas, which reached as many as 14,000 people at its peak in September. US authorities have moved thousands away from the camp for immigration processing and deported more than 500 Haitians since Sunday, September 19.
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A US Department of Homeland Security spokesperson said people who are not expelled are either detained or released with a notice to appear in immigration court. The spokes person added that every migrant passes background checks and has their biometric information collected.
On Wednesday, September 22, US Vice President Kamala Harris stated she «raised her grave concerns» about border agents treating migrants violently in a call with the head of the US Customs and Border Protection service. The Democratic Party politician underlined the need for all border agents «to treat people with dignity, humanely and consistent with our laws and our values», Reuters reports.