Unemployment level in Latvia reduces by a minimal amount

In September 2022 actual unemployment rate in Latvia constituted 6.3% and compared to August it has reduced by 0.1 percentage points.
Unemployment rate among both women and men decreased by 0.1 percentage points, reaching 4.4% and 8.1%, respectively, according to results of the Labour Force Survey conducted by the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSP).
The unemployment rate registered with the State Employment Agency (NVA) accounted for 5.7%, and since August it has dropped by 0.1 percentage points. Compared to September of the year before, actual unemployment rate has gone down by 0.5 percentage points and registered by 0.3 percentage points.
In September 2022 there were 59.9 thousand unemployed persons in Latvia (20.7 thousand women and 39.2 thousand men), which is 0.8 thousand fewer than in August and 4.6 thousand fewer than in the corresponding period a year ago.

Over the month the number of unemployed men reduced by 0.2 thousand and of unemployed women by 0.6 thousand.

The registered unemployment rate in the NVA is calculated using data on registered unemployed persons held by the Agency and data on active population (employed and unemployed persons) of working age provided by the CSP. The actual unemployment rate is estimated based on not adjusted monthly survey results.