Ukrainians continue to defend Bakhmut against Russian attacks

Ukrainian generals have promised to continue defending Bakhmut, while Russian forces are intensifying their attacks, writes Reuters.
Russian forces have been trying to capture Bakhmut for months and claim that taking the city would allow them to strengthen their position across Donbas. Meanwhile, western experts suggest that, given the time consumed and the lives lost, it should be a Pyrrhic victory.
To the west of the city, Ukrainian soldiers are strengthening their positions. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky informed that he discussed the situation in Bakhmut with the commander of the Ukrainian army and those responsible for the surroundings of Bakhmut, and now the decision is to strengthen the defense and maintain the positions.
The fighting at Bakhmut has depleted artillery reserves on both sides. European allies are working to be able to supply Kyiv with more ammunition, but Yevgenii Prigozhin, the owner of the Wagner group of mercenaries, announced on Monday, the 6th of March, that the Russian army must hand over ammunition to the mercenaries if victory is necessary.

Prigozhin’s claim highlights the widening gap between him and the Russian Defense Ministry.

Prigozhin said in a statement that everyone must work in coordination, otherwise, it will be the end.
Ukraine, on the other hand, has demanded cluster bombs from the US, which are banned in 120 countries. Reserve colonel of the Ukrainian army, Roman Svitan, stated on the Espresso TV website that it is necessary to hold Bakhmut in order to prevent the occupying army from advancing in the direction of Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, and Druzhkivka. Other experts have indicated that retreating would be a reasonable step in order to preserve forces and be able to regroup and hold the front line.
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin believes that the importance of Bakhmut is more symbolic than practical, and even if Russia succeeds in capturing the city, it will not mean that the aggressor has succeeded in changing the course of the war.
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