Ukrainian President promises strong reaction to shooting attack on colleague

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has condemned the attack the car of his first aide and promised a strong response following the criminal incident, Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform reports.
«It’s a weakness to send me a ‘greeting’ by opening fire on from the forest on my friend’s car. But the response will be strong,» Zelensky evaluated in a video address posted on Facebook from New York, where the Ukrainian head of state takes part in the UN General Assambly.
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Reportedly, Wednesday’s attack took place near the village of Lisnyky, situated outside the capital Kyiv.
«We confirm the attack. The driver was wounded,» informed Iryna Pryanishnikova, the press representative of the Kyiv region Police Department. The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs said over 10 bullets had hit the black Audi vehicle.
While investigators work in the crime scene, a manhunt has been launched to to locate and detain the culprits, Ukrinform wrote.