Ukrainian capital put on lockdown

In Kyiv, a lockdown over the spread of Covid-19 and patient hospitalisations has been introduced. Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko noted the restrictions could be in place for a month, Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform reports.
On Monday, November 1, a number of stricter restrictions were enforced in the city of 2.9 million people. The new restrictions are aimed at reducing human contacts in services, trade, leisure, transport and education. Most rules will apply mostly to unvaccinated population or those unable to present a recent, negative PCR test result.
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«Now a lot of people go to get vaccinated as they understand that no one wants to remain on lockdown, everyone wants to live a normal life. We’re looking into extending the hours of vaccination centres, but the situation is difficult because medics are already working at the limit of human capabilities,» said Klitschko, a former professional boxer, who has governed the Ukrainian capital since 2014.
According to him, the city’s intensive care units in hospitals are at almost 100% capacity amid a shortage of medics to treat vulnerable Covid-19 patients. In this context, Klitschko reiterated his called for the population to vaccinate and told that almost 2.3 million Kyivites have already been vaccinated with at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, Ukrinform reports.