Ukraine’s ex-president: Putin is a very dangerous, deranged maniac

Russian leader Vladimir Putin is “a very dangerous, deranged maniac” who can potentially attack any country neighbouring Europe. This warning was told to LTV programme Pasaules panorāma by former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. He invited the West to provide more active aid to Ukraine to put an end to Russia’s aggression, as reported by
The former president told LTV that Ukraine is fighting not only for itself. “We are fighting for Europe, we are fighting for Latvia. We definitely have to stop Putin on Ukraine’s territory.
This would be the best outcome. The most effective outcome. This would be cheaper. We have to save Europe and the world from Putin.”
LTV journalist Gints Amoliņš met with Poroshenko in Kyiv, where the Revolution of Dignity of a decade ago was commemorated this week. reminded that the Russian aggression against Ukraine first started around then as well.
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