Ukraine digs into its massive problem of trafficking in human beings

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova has stated that in the 30 years of Ukraine’s restored independence, around 260 000 people in the European country have become victims of human trafficking, news agency Ukrinform reports.
«Trafficking in human beings… According to certain data, 260,000 Ukrainians have been trafficked throughout the years of independence,» the Prosecutor General noted this week in a meeting with media representatives.
A former legislator and the head of the State Bureau of Investigations, Venediktova said that detectives are now working on 700 active cases into the said category of criminal offenses.
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Evaluating the work of law enforcers performance in this respect, the Prosecutor General, Venediktova called it unsatisfactory. She also called on the agencies responsible for combating human trafficking to intensify their operations.
To improve the situation and increase the safety of Ukrainians, the Prosecutor General emphasisted the need to intensify the inquiry into the laundering of criminal proceeds off of human trafficking schemes, Ukrinform reports.