Ukraine busts maker of Lithuanian, other EU country passports

In Ukraine, a ring of illegal migration organisers has been uncovered finding a person suspected of making EU member state documents, including the passport of Lithuania, Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform reports.
The Security Service of Ukraine stated earlier this week that the alleged mastermind behind the scheme, a insurance agent based in the western Ukrainian city of Khmelnytskyi, would charge each migrant USD 5,000 (EUR 4,295) for the package of forged documents.
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«Turnkey services were provided, including travel passports and IDs of EU member states, driver’s licenses, etc. Forged documents were produced using original forms and were analogous to EU-issued documents,» the body announced in a statement.
Investigators alleged that the suspect offered services to both Ukrainians and foreigners, before he was caught in the act. Ukrainian law enforcers arrested the perpetrator in a sting raid as he was receiving UAH 61,000 (EUR 1 989) for a package of forged IDs for a Lithuania trip. The forged documents included a Lithuanian passport, ID, and driver’s license, Ukrinform reports.