Two ex-officials of Riga Central Market sentenced to prison for abuse of power

Riga City Latgale Suburb Court sentenced several former officials of Riga Central Market JSC and workers for embezzlement and abuse of office to real and conditional prison sentences, as noted by the court.
The former chairman of Riga Central Market Anatolijs Abramovs was sentenced to three years and six months of prison. He is also prohibited from taking posts in state and municipal institutions for a period of three years.

The company former procurement committee’s manager Vitālijs Litvins was sentenced to a conditional three-year prison sentence.

The company’s former worker Jānis Zuševics was sentenced to a conditional one-year prison sentence. The court also decided to enforce from him EUR 1 860 to cover legal defence expenses.
Another former employee Romāns Fjodorovs was sentenced to a conditional one-year prison sentence.

The fifth accused Jānis Veners, who passed away not long ago, was also found guilty.

The court also satisfied the plea for compensation from Rīgas nami LLC. The court decided to enforce a compensation of EUR 27 486 collectively from Abramovs, Litvins, Zuševics and Fjodorovs.
The ruling is subject to appeal in Riga Regional Court.

The former board chairman of Riga Central Market and the procurement committee’s head are accused of abuse of power.

Before the case was submitted to the prosecution office to commence prosecution, it was investigated by Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau. In a previous press-release, KNAB reported three of the market’s employees had embezzled large sums of money.
LTV previously reported that illegal activities were taking place at the so-called night market in Riga. This was largely related to market stall fees.
In spring 2021 in another criminal case Riga Regional Court announced a verdict with which Abramovs was fined EUR 13 330 for bribery and disclosure of sensitive information.
According to the publicly accessible portion of the verdict, Abramovs was put on trial for bribery.
On top of that, Abramovs was found guilty of leaking sensitive information acquired during a pre-trial process. He informed the person who gave him the bribe of a search performed by law enforcers in his home even though he had previously signed a non-disclosure agreement.
Aside from the fine, Abramovs was also prohibited from taking posts in state and municipal institutions for a period of two years.
In 2021 municipal company Riga Central Market with turnover of EUR 6.412 million, which is 0.6% more than a year prior. The company’s profits reached EUR 139 549 as opposed to losses suffered the year prior, according to information available from
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