Train tickets in Estonia to get 9.5% more expensive in 2022

Estonian passenger train operator Elron has announced making train tickets 9.5% more expensive from the new year, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports.
In 2022, the state subsidy for the company’s operating expenses will increase by EUR 2.6 million to EUR 30 million a year; however, the train company has estimated it will not cover the increase in costs.
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«Thus far, Elron has tried to avoid increasing prices for train tickets, but since both diesel and electricity prices have been growing steadily for a long time, the rise in input prices will also affect train traffic. Therefore, we are inevitably forced to raise prices,» the company’s board chairman Lauri Betlem explained this week.
For Estonian passengers, train ticket prices have remained at the current level for over two years. The projected costs for energy or electricity and diesel in 2022 are to be 45% higher than in 2020 and railway use or infrastructure fees are 16% or more than EUR 3 million more expensive, ERR reports.