Three pregnant women die of Covid-19 in Latvia

Covid-19 has claimed the lives of three pregnant women in Latvia, as confirmed by P.Stradins Clinical University Hospital Women’s and Child Health Clinic’s senior gynaecologist Maira Jansone in an interview to LTV programme Rīta panorāma Monday, 29 November.
According to her, pregnant women fall in the moderate to high risk patient group. Covid-19 infection is often severe for these women.
«We have received information of three pregnant women whose lives were snuffed out by Covid-19,» said the specialist.
Data compiled bu PSKUS suggests about one-third of pregnant women in Latvia are vaccinated for Covid-19. «We know that vaccination in Latvia commenced about nine months ago. Most pregnant women feared getting vaccinated. Some believe everything will have calmed down by the time they have to deliver their babies,» said Jansone.
Most women registered as pregnant are vaccinated for Covid-19. «To some of them we also recommend getting a booster shot. We have multiple patients who already have,» says PSKUS doctor.
According to her, there is no proof to suggest Covid-19 vaccine have some negative impact on pregnancy and development of the fetus. Jansone also allows that the existing approach with communicating the importance of Covid-19 to pregnant women is insufficient.
«It is a viral infection that can appear in severe form for the patient, causing oxygen shortage and high body temperature, which is not good for the baby, which means a higher risk of death for the baby,» explains the gynaecologist.
Sometimes the moderate or severe infection causes pregnant women to go into premature labour, which causes a number of problems on its own. There have been cases when the unborn child died within their mother’s womb due to Covid-19.
«It’s the flu season on top of it all. Flu vaccination is no less important for pregnant women. It protects them from lethal outcome and severe infection. Residents can vaccinate in advance as well,» says the doctor.