Thinking about people left in Afghanistan, US soldier ties ribbons around trees

A yellow ribbon around neighbourhood trees – that is the way a US war veteran has chosen to commemorate Americans and others left in Afghanistan after the mass evacuation campaign ended in August, US broadcaster ABC reports.
US Army veteran, lieutenant colonel Robert Williams, has spent 32 years in service. This includes two periods of service in Afghanistan, where Williams worked with NATO troops and got to know the Afghan people.
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In an attempt to keep the story of Afghanistan in the spotlight, the former he tied bright yellow bows around his four trees in Annandale, in the US state of Virginia.
«This is for all the American citizens and not the just Americans, our allies, for all the people that are stranded over there right now that we’re trying to get back home,» Williams explained as quoted by the ABC.
The man has also tied ribbons around other trees in his neighbourhood and encouraged neighbours to do the same. Williams said he will keep the light on with each bow until everyone is home, ABC reports.