Theatre director ashamed of Latvia’s society

Dailes theatre director Juris Žagars says he is ashamed of Latvia’s society for the fact that Latvia is the first developed European country forced to go into lockdown even though Covid-19 vaccines are freely available.
In his interview to TV3, Žagars concluded with sadness that the current situation in Latvia will go down in history.
He said he is disappointed to see Latvia’s society so fractured and easily manipulated when it comes to Covid-19 vaccination.
The theatre director also said it feels like «something is unfair», because «people will have to pay higher taxes because someone failed to manage something properly». He believes it is clear the government made mistakes in summer by not adopting tougher restrictions and not making vaccination compulsory back then. Žagars hopes every politician who stood behind the decisions that have led to the lockdown will be called to answer eventually.
He also hopes theatre actors will at least be allowed to rehearse performances during the lockdown.
As it is known, Latvia’s Crisis Management Council decided to support the idea to impose a four-week lockdown in the country. Tight epidemiological measures will remain in effect from 21 October until 15 November. According to Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš, during this lockdown nearly all stores will be closed and only basic services will be permitted. Schools will transfer to distance teaching as well.
The plan now needs to be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.
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