Tallink passenger numbers dropped by 20.6% last year, while cargo volumes increased

Shipping giant Tallink Grupp transported 2,961,975 passengers in 2021, which was a decrease by 20.6% compared to the first year of the pandemic. With travel restrictions in force in the Baltic and Nordic region, the group of companies managed to increase the volume of transported cargo.
Tallink Grupp wrote in a press release on Tuesday, January 4, passenger numbers decreased on the company’s Finland-Sweden, Estonia-Finland and Latvia-Sweden routes compared to 2020, with the Latvia-Sweden route remaining fully suspended throughout 2021 and two Finland-Sweden route vessels only returning to their regular routes in the second half of 2021 due to ongoing travel restrictions throughout the first half of 2021.
It calculated, that the number of passenger vehicles transported in 2021 also decreased compared to the previous year with a total of 602,033 passenger vehicles transported on all the company’s routes during the year (702,702 in 2020).
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Despite reductions in passenger and passenger vehicle numbers, the company managed to increase the number of cargo units carried during the year to a total of 369,170 units for the full year (359,811 units in 2020).  The company managed to increase the number of cargo units transported on the Estonia-Finland and Estonia-Sweden routes, and the number of units carried on the Finland-Sweden routes was only marginally less than in 2020.
Tallink Grupp is one of the leading providers of passenger transport and cargo transport services in the northern part of the Baltic Sea region. The company owns 15 vessels and operates a number of ferry routes on the Baltic Sea under the brand names of Tallink and Silja Line. The group of companies employs around 4,000 people in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Russia and Germany, its representatives wrote in the press release.