Supermarket chains in Lithuania comply with Covid-19 certificate rule

Since Lithuania has introduced the rule to present the Covid-19 certificate to enter larger shops, the requirement has been introduced in the supermarket chains of Maxima, Norfa, Rimi and other leading retailers, Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT and Jonas Deveikis report.
These supermarkets only allow access for those holding the pass, which is issued for people who have recovered from the coronavirus in the past 180 days, have a negative Covid-19 test, or have been fully vaccinated. Two types of documents – Lithuania’s own opportunity pass and the EU digital Covid-19 certificate – can be presented to enter the shops.
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The changes came into effect on September 13.
As many as 186 supermarkets in Lithuania have introduced the requirement. This includes 73 Maxima stores in 28 different cities and towns, as well as supermarkets of the Norfa, Rimi, iki and Lidl chains.