State Security Service to look into Grevcova’s statements about «civil war» in Ukraine

Latvia’s State Security Service (VDD) intends to look into Saeima deputy Glorija Grevcova’s public statements in regards to the Russian-Ukrainian war.
In one of her recent TikTok videos, Grevcova said: what is happening in Ukraine now is a civil war, «a civil war in accordance with all canons. Ukrainian people fighting the Ukrainian army».

«This is what I know. So there’s no reason to speculate and tell me about Russia attacking anyone,» said the deputy.

This video was posted before her 22nd January video about her visit to the Museum of Occupation of Latvia. VDD confirmed being aware of this video. The service will look into this and Grevcova’s other public activities as part of the criminal proceedings commenced on the 30th of January.
AS previously reported, VDD decided to commenced criminal proceedings over Grevcova’s statements after visiting the Museum of Occupation of Latvia.
She is accused of trivialising the occupation of Latvia by USSR and Nazi Germany.
VDD did not comment if the deputy is given status of a suspect or a person involved in criminal proceedings. The service also did not comment if the is presented with any security measure. The law states only suspects are allowed to be presented with security measures.
If VDD finds evidence of Grevcova’s guilt, asks the prosecution office to present charges and the prosecution office decides this is justified,

if the Saeima agrees to permit her criminal prosecution, the parliamentarian will still be able to continue working in the Saeima,

participate in work of Saeima committees, as well as vote and receive Saeima deputy’s wage.
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