Slowly but surely. Vaccination numbers in Baltic States

A total of 912 595 people have been vaccinated for Covid-19 in Latvia so far. 840 848 have completed the vaccination process, which is equal to 44.67% of Latvia’s population, according to data on population numbers from the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia as of July 2021.
Looking at different age groups reveals that as of Tuesday, 28 September, 52.29% of Latvia’s residents of 18 years or older are fully vaccinated. Estimates are also based on other data available from CSP – on population numbers at the start of 2021.
In Estonia, meanwhile, 755 889 or 56.88% of the population have receive vaccine injections. 698 860 of them have completed the vaccination process, which is 52.59% of the population, according to Estonia’s official Covid-19 information portal
In Lithuania 1 728 574 of the population have received at least one vaccine dose, which is equal to 61.83% of the population. 1 597 849 (57.15%) of them have completed the vaccination process, according to Lithuania’s official Covid-19 portal
This week 3 392 people in Latvia were vaccinated using Johnson&Johnson (J&J) or Janssen vaccine,
and a total of 4 970 were vaccinated in total, according to information fro Latvia’s National Health Service (NVD).
On Monday 1 941 people were vaccinated using J&J vaccine, which requires only one injection. On Tuesday 1 478 people were vaccinated using this vaccine.
On 28 September 1 645 people in Latvia received the first Covid-19 vaccine injection, 1 824 received the second and 1 478 were vaccinated using J&J vaccine, according to data from NVD.
29 re-vaccination cases were registered this week. This means some residents received booster shots due to having weak immune system.
A total of 99 people in Latvia suffering from weakened immune system have received booster shots so far.
According to available data, 50.86% of Latvian residents aged older than 12 years have completed their vaccination process. Europe has yet to commence vaccination of children younger than 12 years.
There are four Covid-19 vaccines approved for use in Europe – Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen.