Šimonytė: 2022 will be year of reform for Lithuania

The Lithuanian government has a series of reforms to do in the year 2022 and a failure to reach them would mean the failure of the government’s work, Lithuanian prime minister Ingrida Šimonytė has evaluated, public broadcaster LRT reports.
In an interview with the public LRT TV channel Šimonytė spoke of the need to achieve progress next year as the Seimas election of 2024 could prevent legislators from making needed, but unpopular decisions in 2023. The Lithuanian municipal election is planned for 2023.
«I am very well aware that 2022 is essentially the last year when the government can take the crucial decisions. That will be our focus and the way to measure the success of this government,» Šimonytė told LRT TV.
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«If at the end of 2022 those decisions have not been taken and the practical implementation of all the reforms is not in place, then we will simply have to say that we have failed,» the conservative politician noted.
The key tasks pointed out by Šimonytė are reforms in education, civil service, science and innovation sectors, as well as reorganisation of the hospital network.
The article originally appeared on LRT English: https://www.lrt.lt/en/news-in-english/19/1572427/if-reforms-trail-this-government-fails-lithuanian-pm