September’s inflation in Latvia third highest in EU and Eurozone

In September 2022 annual inflation in Latvia was higher than average in the European Union and Eurozone, according to data published by Eurostat.
When compared to the same month of 2021, consumer price increase was observed in all EU member states in September 2022.
In the EU annual inflation in September was 10.9%. In Eurozone it was 9.9%.

Annual inflation in Latvia was 22% in September. Last month inflation was higher only in Estonia (24.1%) and Lithuania (22.5%).

Compared to August, consumer prices in the EU and Eurozone increased by 1.2% last month.
According to Eurostat, consumer prices in Latvia have increased by 1.5% in September. The increase in Lithuania was 2.9% and in Estonia – 0.3%.
Consumer prices increased in 21 EU countries in September. Inflation was the highest in Greece (+3%). Deflation was registered in Spain (-0.2%), Slovenia (-0.3%), France (-0.5%), Malta (-0.6%) and Cyprus (-1%). In Ireland prices remained on the level of August.