Security expert: Russia’s next attack is already underway

Estonian security expert Rainer Saks stated that Russia has started the next big attack on Ukraine, and it has been going on for some time, Estonian media ERR News reports.
Ukrainian officials and international media say an attack is imminent. Saks, in turn, pointed out that the talk of a new, spectacular attack comes mainly from Russia. The expert told the Estonian TV program Ringvaade, that Russia has no time to prepare something bigger, and the attack is already underway:

«If someone starts talking about a big offensive starting in two or three weeks, then that’s when the roads in Ukraine will start to fall apart in spring, and the weather will become warmer.»

He added that the time for the attack is now, not in three weeks.
Saks said that huge losses for the Russian side are due to the fact that it is very actively attacking, and it is unlikely that the aggressor is able to significantly increase the scale of the attack.
Ukraine has reported that Russia has sent an additional 300,000 soldiers but Saks said that they are not intended for fighting on the territory of Ukraine, most of them are stationed on the Russian border and in the occupied territories. The expert pointed out that Ukraine is quite successfully fighting around Bakhmut, however, the situation is still dangerous, as the supply routes are threatened.
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