Security expert: News about Nord Stream could be a Russian misinformation campaign

Estonian security expert Rainer Saks has indicated that the news about the Nord Stream sabotage could also be part of Russia’s disinformation campaign at a time when the European Union (EU) is discussing the production of projectiles for Ukraine, Estonian media ERR News writes.
German media have reported that investigative information about the explosion that damaged the Nord Stream gas pipelines points to Ukrainian involvement in the sabotage. In the published material, it is said that a yacht was found, which was rented from a company owned by Ukrainians. It is not known who chartered the yacht or who the divers were, as fake documents were used. Traces of explosives were found on the yacht.
Saks believes that it is a Russian information operation:

«The message Russia was sending at the time, it had two important components. The first was that, since the European Union planned to stop purchasing gas from Russia, it would be an anticipatory measure to harm the European side. But the second, which is more significant, was the implication that they could target Europe’s vital underwater infrastructure.»

He added that when such incidents occur and a misinformation operation is added to them, it intimidates and creates a sense of insecurity.
The published materials focus more attention on the possible organizers of the explosion than on the explosion itself. According to information recorded by the Swedish Seismic Network, the explosion corresponded to 100 kilograms of trinitrotoluene (TNT) explosives. Kaido Peremees, head of the diving company Tuukritödeho OÜ, stated that it was not necessary to dive to blow up the gas pipeline.
The report on the investigation was published at a time when European Defense Ministers are meeting in Stockholm to discuss the production of shells for Ukraine. Saks pointed out that even if the published material about the Nord Stream explosions delays the European decision by only a month, Russia will still benefit form it.
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