Schools in Estonian capital cautioned to work remotely due to ice from rain

In Tallinn, schools have been asked to consider working in distance learning mode as freezing rain is expected to make streets and roads dangerously slippery on Friday, December 10, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports.
On Thursday, December 9, the Tallinn Education Department send out a letter to school headmasters. «We recommend those that have the option to stay home or reorganize the institution’s work in such a manner, which ensures safe movement for children and staff. The Tallinn Education Department recommends educational establishments discuss how and in which way to organize studies on that day,» the municipality officials cautioned.
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The Estonian State Weather Service released a warning on Thursday morning pointing attention to snow and sleet would reach the island of Saaremaa and the coastline of the Gulf of Riga region on Friday morning and is forecast to later turn into freezing rain. For the duration of the day, rain will spread across Estonia and cover surface with ice.
The previous instance of widespread freezing rain in Estonia was around Independence Day celebrations in February, 2021. The hundreds of accidents took place and the North Estonian Medical Centre in Tallinn registered new patients in need of medical assistance after falling on ice every 2-3 minutes, ERR reports.