Scandalous Latvian politician fined for 18 September protest

Latvian State Police have fined scandalous politician and leader of political party Latvia in First Place Ainārs Šlesers 1 675 euros for the breach of epidemiological safety and other violations committed at protest acts in September and October.
In relation to the protest act and procession that took place in Riga 18 September, State Police found numerous breaches of epidemiological safety and public order. More than 1 000 people gathered for the aforementioned protest in favour of keeping vaccination voluntary.
After the initial gathering at the 11 November riverbank, people moved in a procession towards the Freedom Monument. The maximum number of people observed there was 500. The remaining participants dispersed soon after, as previously reported by State Police.
Without mentioning the name of the person, a fine of 175 and 500 euros was applied to one person, as confirmed by State Police public relations office.
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Two administrative processes have commenced in relation to the aforementioned protest. No decisions have been made so far, police report.
On 2 October another protest organised by Šlesers against compulsory vaccination gathered more than 500 residents of different age at the Freedom Monument. State Police reported in response to this event as well that some people had intentionally breached epidemiological safety requirements and rules listed in the Law on Meetings, Processions, and Pickets.
Police confirmed imposing a fine of 1 000 euros to one person.
Šlesers does have the right to appeal the decision in court.