Saeima passes amendments that ban Zhdanok from running in European Parliament elections

Latvia’s Saeima passed in the final reading amendments to the Election to the European Parliament Law, stating that people who served in the Latvian Communist party after 13 January 1991 are not allowed to run in EP elections in Latvia.
The amendment project was submitted by National Alliance member Aleksandrs Kiršteins. Saeima deputy Jānis Iesalnieks previously said that the passed amendments to the law will prohibit MEP Tatyana Zhdanok from running in EP elections in Latvia again.

The Supreme Court previously found that Zhdanok was a member of the Communist Party after 13 January 1991.

Amendments to the law also state, that a person who served in USSR, Latvian SSR security, intelligence or counter-intelligence service (except for persons who were employed in administrative, planning and financial offices of these structures) are not allowed to run as candidates in European Parliament elections.
On top of that this will also apply to persons who were members of the PSKP (GCP), the Latvian SSR Workers’ International Front, the Joint Council of Labour Collectives, the War and Labour Veterans Organisation, the Latvian Public Rescue Committee or its regional committees after 13 January 1991.
The next European Parliament elections are expected to take place in 2024.