Saeima deputy: the government burns money and šleseri add blood to the fire

Opinion of Saeima deputy Artuss Kaimiņš.
Latvia is in 1st place in the world when it comes to Covid-19 infection rates. I believe Šlesers, Gobzems, Ļedjajeva, Pļaviņa, Točs, Stepaņenko, Babri and Petraviča can be put in the same cell. Of course some of them will be vaccinated. [Daniels] Pavļuts and the Ministry of Health are a different story.
I fully understand people like Gobzems, who are waiting to get detained so that they can later get elected to the Saeima without any effort. But there will be sacrifices. It is their dream, Kaimiņš wrote on Facebook.
I went through that, only without calculated risks or deaths.
Ainārs [Šlesers] is with with the rest of them. There are many members of this gang. Someone should follow their activities, because no one plays alone – the crazier the company, the better the strategy.
Let’s not forget Riga Transit Port (RTO), where he swore on gobzeme Bible (SuņuBūda) that the port does not belong to him. He has no freights, but he does have a criminal procedure. (And who doesn’t).
There have been flukes and attempts at communication from the government and some ministers. Enormous amounts of money have been spent on PR campaigns but the level of awareness is below the investments. Imagine trying to light a fireplace to warm a room with a group of freezing people inside only for someone else to empty a bucket of water into the fireplace.
What kind of result can you expect?! Both of your are to blame.
One person uses 500 euro notes and no firewood to light the fireplace and the other pours blood into the bucket.
Forgive my trivial examples, but it is easier to put the point across this way. And the word lockdown is more accurate as well! I expect them to be the first to run out to the street and scream «freedom», Kaimiņš writes.
As a deputy of the Saeima and a representative of the coalition I have no access to matters – how much to spend on PR, strategy, etc. I think no one knows what this process is about. I am to blame for this as well. I and many other Saeima deputies trusted the decision-maker. Was it the correct thing to do? No. No it wasn’t!
Please go get vaccinated! We have warehouses full of vaccines – pick any one you like. This is not PlayStation 5, which are out of stock.
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