Saeima deputies to be carefully assessed by SAB for access to official secrets

Considering the geopolitical situation, Latvia’s Constitution Protection Bureau (SAB) promises to carefully evaluate all newly-elected Saeima deputies for eligibility to be provided with access to official secrets, reports with reference to law enforcement institutions.
The State Security Service (VDD) and Constitution Protection Bureau (SAB) will study deputies. SAB told ReTV news that this year Saeima deputies will be under increased evaluation because of the increased tension and geopolitical situation.

Theoretically this means that some of the deputies elected to the 14t Saeima may not be able to participate in work of multiple Saeima committees.

Saeima committees to work in which deputies need to have access to official secrets include the National Security Committee; Foreign Affairs Committee; Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee. To be provided with access, deputies have to be evaluated by VDD. The final decision is made by SAB.
«The ongoing situation in the world and our region will have an impact. This is why every application, every request and every person will be evaluated very carefully,» said SAB representative Ieva Dzelme-Romanovska.
Once the Prime Minister of Latvia and standing head of the National Security Committee Māris Kučinskis told ReTV that

it is possible most or all deputies elected from For Stability! political party may not be provided with access to official secrets, considering the public statements of at least some members of this party.

Kučinskis said that the State Revenue Service and Military Intelligence Service may also perform their own background checks if need be.
He also mentioned Ainārs Šlesers, who represents Latvia in First Place political party. «I will try to be very, very politically correct – they will be looking at him especially carefully,» said Kučinskis.
BNN previously reported that seven political parties were elected to the 14th Saeima: New Unity (26 seats), Union of Greens and Farmers (16 seats), Combined List (15 seats), National Alliance (13 seats), For Stability! (11 seats), Latvia in First Place (9 seats), and Progressive Party (10 seats).
Results of 14th Saeima elections turned out poor for Attīstībai/Par! and Conservative Party. Harmony failed to secure sufficient votes. All three failed to secure at least 5% of votes, which means they will not be able to enter the Saeima.
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